Merchant Processing For All

It doesn’t matter what type of business you manage, we can help. CashPAY Discount Processing works with a long list of small to medium size businesses that benefit from our merchant processing program, the Cash Discount Program. Merchant processing is a major expense no matter what type of business your run. Our long list of merchants include restaurants, retail, C-Stores, boutiques, tourism & adventure, service contractors, auto shops & dealers, professional services, municipalities, healthcare offices, property management, rental services, and many more. If you are in business and want to accept credit cards without the fees, CashPAY Discount Processing is the answer.

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Businesses Already Saving Big


Fast Casual, Cafes, Delis, Coffee Shops

Restaurants profit margins are squeezed with food cost and operating expenses. Our program instantly increases profitability for those fast casual restaurants with a simple switch.


C-Stores, Liquor Stores, Shops, Grocers

Retail Credit Card Processing

Retail stores run a large volume of transactions with more than 60% of their revenue coming in the form of credit card payments.  Eliminate the need to worry about processing fees with us.


Mechanics, Dealers, Towing

Cash discount Program

Most automotive businesses have higher average tickets then the average business. Making the switch to our Cash Discount Program makes sense if you are looking to save big on processing rates.


Physicians, Chiropractors, Urgent Cares

The healthcare industry is a volatile sector with reimbursements dwindling and profits lowering. Integrate our payment options via virtual terminal or swipe to eliminate fees immediately.

Professional Services

Accountants, Attorneys, Professionals

Online Payment Gateway

Most clients are in need of your services and don’t mind paying the additional non-cash discount fee. Utilize multiple ways to collect payments via your website,virtual terminal, or swipe.

Service Contractors

Repair Services, Remodeling, Construction

POS System

Don’t put a dent in your bid by paying processing fees. Many of our contractors use our wireless units or virtual terminal to collect payments without the high expense. Now you can bid with confidence.

Tourism & Adventure

Boat & Jetski Rentals, Parasailing, Tours

Credit Card Acceptance

Customers are on vacation and they aren’t worried about paying a little more to have some fun. Tourism businesses are some of the best businesses to use this program, because of the demographic of the tourist.


Ticket Venues, Events, Festivals, Concerts

Ecommerce Payments

Entertainment is where many splurge and spend money to have a great time. Our program is great for venues that sell tickets or admission for attractions. These businesses save thousands every single month.


Online Stores, Clubs & Associations, Any Ecommerce


Processing fees for online businesses are more than for brick & mortar stores. The fees make you less competitive online and end up costing you more than you know. Use our gateway to save 85% or more.

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