What You Need To Know About Cash Discount Processing?

Unlike surcharging, discount for cash or “Cash Discount” is allowed in all 50 states.  This incentive program allows merchants to charge lower prices for cash versus credit/debit card purchases.  This does not necessarily mean you have to change your current pricing.  You simply post signage to give notice to your customers that your current marked pricing is the “Cash Discount” price therefore making the credit/debit pricing higher.

CashPAY Discount is on a mission to save businesses a fortune on processing fees.  We want to provide you with the last processing service you will ever need.  Please browse over our site and this page to get most of your answers or just call us directly.

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Yes, this program is possible due to changes in processing regulations and certain law changes.  This is the only program that is allowed in all 50 states.  You can preview state statutes HERE.

4% is the highest allowed rate that can be collected as a Cash Discount Fee. 5% is the highest convenience fee for ecommerce businesses.

Yes, we will provide you with the proper signage that states the new Cash Discount Policy.  This signage will be posted at the entrance, around the establishment, and at the point-of-sale.  Here is what a sample sign looks like: 

Our processor serves thousands of merchants and has proven data from numerous case studies that there are essentially no changes in sales volume.  Customers have an option to not pay the fee by simply paying with check or cash.  However, because the fee is so minimal many customers barely even notice.

We utilize the same exact type of credit card machines you see in-stores currently. In addition to traditional credit card swipe, we also have other pay platforms such as POS Systems, Virtual Terminals, and Ecommerce Solutions. Our software is fully integrated into any of these payment options. All payment options are compliant and secure.

No problem!  If you feel the CashPAY Discount Processing Program does not work for your business we can easily switch you back to regular credit card processing, with a better rate than your old processor.

In some cases yes, but there are still some minor fees depending on your type of business and the demographic of cards your business accepts.  In most cases you can expect a 95% savings.  Our program does not charge the monthly admin charges (statement fees, access fees, transaction fees, etc…) that you normally see with traditional processing.  If the program is setup correctly then it is possible to have a ZERO FEE PROGRAM.

There are many businesses using this program to eliminate processing fees.  Some businesses successfully using this program include: restaurants & cafes, grocery stores, gas stations, property management, retail stores, service contractors, tourism, rental agencies, golf courses, bars & nightclubs, event venues, professional services, DMVs, limo services, and many more.

No, we do not believe in tying you down and making you overpay for equipment. We offer direct pricing for our terminals and try to keep it affordable.

No, we offer month-to-month terms. If you need a POS System then that term may be different if you need financing, but our processing services are not long term commitments.

Yes and No.  You still receive a bill, but we will reconcile the Cash Discount Fees collected to offset your fees.  If your fees collected override the processing cost, then you will not be debited for anything.  If you have a small amount of fees that will directly withdraw from your ACH bank account.  Any fees will be very minimal.

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