Cash Discount Program

If you are ready to eliminate up to 100% of your processing fees then be prepared to learn more about our Cash Discount Program.  This unique Cash Discount Processing program is the best way to get rid of those high credit card processing fees.  This works by providing merchants a way to pass-thru processing fees to the customer to offset all your merchant processing cost.  The credit card terminal or payment platform of choice is fully integrated with special Cash Discount software that collects an additional 3.5%-4% seamlessly.  There are no additional steps you need to take to make this happen.  If the customer decides to pay with cash then they pay the “Cash Discount” price or the already posted price.  If the customer pays with a credit or debit card then they will pay the “Non-Cash Discount” price (typically between 3.5%-4%).  The “Non-Cash Discount” fees collected goes towards paying off all your processing fees.  Now have a processing program without the fees. See your payment equipment options by clicking below.

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Zero Fee Merchant Processing

Staying Compliant

Cash Discount Processing is not SURCHARGING.  Surcharging is only allowed in 40 states where Cash Discount is allowed in all 50 states.  Our compliance team ensures that we follow all guidelines set forth by all major credit card networks including Visa & Mastercard.  Due to some changes in processing regulations and changes to the Dodd-Frank Act we can offer this program under specific guidelines.  The correct signage must be posted (see sample signage) throughout the establishment including the entrance and point-of-sale.  The cap on the “Non-Cash Discount Fee” is also 4% and the convenience fee for ecommerce is 5%.  Any fees collected are reported on merchant statement reports to meet further compliance standards.  View your state statutes regarding discount for cash HERE

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Why Use Cash Discount?

CashPAY Discount Processing offers a way for merchants to take credit card payments without having to pay the standard processing fees.  Businesses waste an average of $8,700 per year or $43,500 over a 5-year period.  With our Cash Discount Program, you get to keep that additional money.  For most businesses this means an average net increase of 5%-7%.  Customers reap the rewards of incentive credit card programs such as “Cash Back”, “Reward Points”, or “Miles”.  This cost is passed onto the merchant creating a ZERO FEE PROCESSING program.  Since the customer is benefiting from these programs, it only makes sense that they pay for those incentives by bearing the cost.  This is done by passing through the fees.  What could your business do with the extra money saved with our Cash Discount Program?  Have more questions? Click below for more info.

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