Cash Discount Processing

Merchant processing expenses create a negative impact on your profit margins and reduce profit margins.  Every year, businesses try to figure out how to combat processing fees by trying to find processors that offer minimal savings.  CashPAY Discount Processing offers the chance to eliminate 100% of your processing fees.  Changes in processing regulations and laws have provided us a chance to help businesses pass-thru processing fees with our Cash Discount Program.  This processing solution offsets processing fees by offering a discount for cash paying customers while passing thru fees for credit and debit card users.  With this amazing program your business can now “Process Without the Fees.”

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Increase Your Profit Margins

Merchants waste an average of $700-$1,000 per month or $8,400-$12,000 annually.  That type of expense decreases your net profit margins by an average of 5%-7% overall.  With our program your business can still process cards just like you do now without the expense.  CashPay’s Cash Discount Program helps businesses collect 100% of their revenue and increases the bottom line the day you start using the program.  Make a smart decision for your business and take your profits back.  Visit our FAQ page by clicking below.

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Payment Processing Options

Besides the tremendous amount of savings your business will save, we also have all the payment options you need to accept payments your way.  Accept payments online, on-the-go, or in-store and let our Cash Discount software eliminate the majority of your processing fees.  You don’t have to pay to get paid.

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Credit Card Swipe

All terminals are EMV (chip) updated and compliant. Choose from a variety of major brands and communication options. Process for almost nothing with our Cash discount Program.

Top Brands & Technology

We carry all major brands with the most secure and updated EMV (chip) credit card terminals.  Our Cash Discount terminals are fully integrated with our special software to make your transactions seamless and secure.

POS Systems

We have several POS options for businesses wanting to manage their payment systems more efficiently. This option is great for restaurants and retail stores wanting detailed reporting on daily operations.

Manage Your Business

POS systems are ideal for many restaurants and retail businesses needing a more robust system to help manage transactions, orders, and inventory management. Our Cash Discount Program is integrated directly into the POS making it more affordable.

Virtual Terminals

Use our web based payment platform to accept payments online or for keyed transactions. No hardware to purchase and process anywhere with internet access.

Get Paid Digitally

Take advantage of our virtual terminal to minimize hardware cost.  Our virtual terminal can be used anywhere there’s internet access.  Debit, credit , or ACH…it’s your choice.


Accept payments via your website with little to no processing fees. Pass through processing fees and collect 100% of your online sales. Setup & platform fees are minimal.

Connect Through Our Gateway

Our ecommerce option allows your business to accept payments through our gateway and implement a convenience fee to help offset the cost.  Process online and save up to 85% versus traditional processing companies.

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Premium Support Services

We understand that processing your transactions is important business.  We strive to keep your business up and running smoothly.  Our team is here to make sure that any issues you may have are dealt with immediately.  We provide around the clock technical support and a dedicated account rep to answer any questions you may about your account.  We’re here to help when you need us.

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